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PTO / Site Council

We appreciate the dedicated efforts of many in our school family for the benefit of our students. We encourage all of our parents and educators to work together to ensure the safety of our campus and to help our Colts grow into well-educated leaders of strong character.


The Maple Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) organizes fundraising activities to purchase school materials and some of the “extras” that the school budget cannot provide. It also promotes open communication among the administration, teachers, and parents, providing support for our students’ educational needs. Parents make a big difference in their child’s education when they participate in our PTO, so we invite you to take part in this important organization.


The School Site Council (SSC) and the English Language Learners Advisory Council (ELLAC) are groups of teachers, parents, employees, and students who work together and with the principal to ensure that everything that goes on at school is consistent with school goals and plans for improvement. They also help make sure that our students are learning in a safe and positive environment.

Maple School Activities
Thank you for supporting Maple’s various activities, which help us provide the great education your child deserves. Some of these activities include:
  • Fall Pumpkin Festival
  • Gingerbread House Family Night
  • Valentine Social
  • Spring Skate Night
  • Back to School Night
  • Open House
  • Parent Coffee Clubs
Fundraising Opportunities